What You Need to Know About the Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet is composed mainly or entirely of raw and living foods and include mostly raw vegan food, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  A person who consumes a mostly raw food diet is called a raw foodist.

They only eat food that has not been frozen or treated with chemical preservatives as well as any food that has been cooked.

Raw roodists fall into three categories:

1. Living foodists: these are people who will only eat a diet made up of plant food in active form, such as sprouted nuts and seeds.

2. Juicarians: are people who eat a diet made up entirely of juices (fruit and vegetable).

3. Non-vegetarian raw foodists: are people who will eat raw meats and unpasteurized milk and cheeses

How to Start a Raw Food Diet

It is important to not that before going on a raw food diet you should realize that it will be similar to detoxifying your body.  As a result there can be a number of side effects. These side effects include cold-like symptoms or having to go to the bathroom more often.  When starting this way of eating it is probably a good idea to start out a little slowly.  Perhaps by having one meal a day for awhile and then two meals a day and then three over a few weeks.  Or you can start with one raw meal a day and add a small cooked side dish.

Where to Shop for the Foods

You will want to make sure that eat mostly organic food. Since organic foods have become more available in recent years you should be able to find them at most chain grocery stores however, finding farmer’s markets is another way to find good organic fruits and vegetables.

While organic foods can be more expensive, they can also be more convenient, as you can find in most cities companies who will actually deliver organic fruits and vegetables to your front door.

Advantages of Eating Raw Food

Raw foodists choose this way of eating because they believe that cooking, freezing or otherwise processing foods can destroy vitamins, bacteria, and more importantly, enzymes. They also believe that cooking food can make it harder to digest as the essential enzymes needed to digest food is destroyed when the food is cooked.

More importantly, raw foods contain less chemicals and preservatives.  Therefore raw food is also less toxic and more easily digested, while containing more vitamins and minerals than processed foods.

Most raw foodists will tell you that the diet can improve health, lower risk of heart disease (no trans-fats), improve digestion, improve skin appearance, and increase your energy levels.

Disadvantages to Eating Raw Food

Some people believe that not having  animal protein can lead to a lack of all the essential amino acids. In order to get adequate nutrition and avoid vitamin B12 deficiencies (which can only be found in animal protein) many raw foodists take a nutritional supplement.

There are many books and cookbooks available that can help you experiment with this way of eating. 

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